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Miscellaneous Info

Well-Balanced Program

  • It is emphasized that the primary objective is to give the girls an intensive course in government principles and procedures. 

  • Well-planned and coordinated programs will be conducted, and several days during the week, all citizens may participate in various activities, which will be announced, all under the supervision of the Girls State staff.

Medical Information

Infirmary facilities and medical personnel will be provided throughout the week, to render any needed medical attention to citizens and staff members. 

Housing and Meals

All citizens and staff members will be housed at the campus of Valdosta State University, and the meals will be served in the cafeteria. The first meal will be on Sunday for the EVENING MEALThe last meal will be LUNCH ON FRIDAYNO LUNCH will be provided on Sunday; citizens should make arrangements with their families or the persons bringing them to Valdosta State University. Once the citizen has registered, they are not allowed to leave to go eat lunchMake sure you have eaten before arriving on campus.

The Girls State Store

A variety of items are available for purchase during the week of Girls State. Items for sale include:

  • Girls State shirts, flannel pants, and shorts

  • pens

  • caps

  • toiletries

  • drinks and snacks.


The storekeepers also make trips into Valdosta and can take orders for special needs you may have for other items.

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